Marketing Strategy

5 Best Digistorm Funnel Automations for Marketing Teams

May 9, 2021

Last week, we talked about how Digistorm Funnel's Automations feature can contribute to speeding up processes for your school's admissions team. Well, good news, automations aren't just for one sector of your school. They can help so many different teams to boost productivity and increase personalization — and that includes your marketing team!

Let's take a look at the five best Funnel automations that your school's marketing team can set up today.


1. Send resources after a form submission

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to cut out the middle man and streamline your administrative tasks. Let's say a prospective family visits your school website and completes a form to request a prospectus. What happens next? Your process might look a little something like this:

  • Receive form submission notification 
  • Write an email to respond to the family 
  • Locate and attach a copy of your school prospectus 
  • Send an email and set a reminder in your diary to follow up in a few weeks
  • And repeat! 

With Funnel Automations, you can create one automation to streamline this entire process for each of your website forms. Simply choose your trigger condition (submission on request a prospectus form), create your resource and follow up email templates, and set your automation live. 


2. Follow up after an event

To maximize your event success, follow-up communication is essential! This looks different for every school and might include a quick thank you for attending, additional information, or an event survey. However, between organizing your event and managing it, the idea of following up with every single registrant in a timely and personalized way might feel a little daunting.

So, why not let Funnel Automations do the work for you? 

You might like to create two emails — one for those who attended your event, and another for those who couldn't make it. Once you've set up these emails in Funnel, you can create automation using if/then branches to send your emails to the right audience after your event has finished. 


3. Re-engage contacts that have gone quiet

Are you keeping on top of your inactive leads? It's common for these families to silently slip through the cracks and fall into CRM purgatory. But, here's the good news: with the help of Funnel Automations, you can set up triggers that alert your team when a lead has lost contact with your school.

Based on custom triggers, you can choose criteria such as; lead hasn't opened an email, taken a phone call, or interacted with your school for a specific amount of time. When these criteria are met, a notification can be sent to you or a member of your team to follow up and re-engage the lead. From here, your team can reach out personally, or enter the lead into a re-engagement campaign.


4. Nudge subscribers to open your emails

As we all know, inboxes can be chaotic places where it's easy to miss emails from time to time. This is why successful email marketing campaigns need two or even three follow-up communications to engage those who are yet to read what you have to say. 

So, how can you gently nudge your subscribers to open your emails? In Funnel, you can create an automation to send follow-up emails, based on how your audience engages with your initial email. Let's say a subscriber receives your email but doesn't open it — we've all been there! With automations, your can automatically send a follow-up email on a particular date to nudge them again. 

Alternatively, perhaps they did open your email, but they didn't click your call to action. Your next point of call here could be to send a different follow-up email, with messaging tailored toward encouraging that subscribe to take the next step. 


5. Send families a welcome pack when they apply

Automations are all about putting in the initial setup work, to make processes easier in the future! So even though sending a newly enrolled family your welcome pack, it's a process that you automate from the very beginning. Let's take a look at how...

One of the many loved features in Digistorm Funnel is that your school is able to set custom stages for your unique enrollment pipeline. Leads automatically filter through your pipeline, based on their interactions with your school. With Funnel Automations, you can create a workflow to automatically send a family a copy of your welcome back, when they move from interview to enrollment. In doing so, you can remove the manual work and ensure that every family receives a warm welcome to your school.

So there you have it — five Digistorm Funnel automation workflows that your marketing team needs to create, now! If you're a school looking to strengthen your digital marketing strategy, check out our resources below!