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5 Tips for More Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

July 17, 2017

Have you heard? Inbound marketing is the best way to attract, engage and convert prospective parents into enrollments at your school. And digital campaigns make up a big part of your inbound marketing strategy.

There are a number elements that affect the performance of online marketing campaigns. We rounded up our five most important tips for launching and running an effective digital marketing campaign for your school.


1. Set a clear objective

Starting with a single goal is important because it helps you to focus your campaign, rather than trying to achieve too many things and diluting your message. Where your school's goal it is to gain website traffic, online conversions, tour bookings or another conversion type, ensure that all messaging and all ads are designed with that particular message in mind.


Illustration: Analytics


2. Maintain consistent messaging 

Once you’ve set your objective and you’re starting to think about your ad messaging and creative, it is important to remember that any content under the same campaign should be consistent. The reason for this is mostly so that you can create some recall with your viewers. Some of your audience might see your ad more than once, across various channels - having consistent creative would mean that any audience members seeing your ad on multiple channels would be more likely to remember your ad and therefore act on it.


A USP is crucial to keeping your school messaging consistent. Check out our handy intro,

What Is a USP and Why Is It Important to Your School?



3. Lean into your data 


4. Set up tracking to measure effectiveness

Tracking is a crucial element to any digital marketing campaign. Understanding the ads that are performing and those that aren’t allow you to alter, change and improve your campaign for maximum efficiency. If your school uses Google Analytics, you have access to a free URL Builder tool, which you can use to add tracking to the end of the links being used in your campaign. The tool allows you to add a campaign, so that in Google Analytics you can view the traffic and activity related directly to your campaign.


5. A/B test

Especially if you’re running your first digital marketing campaign, run an A/B test! This is where you take a sample of users and present 50% of them with one creative, text or ad and present the other 50% with an alternative. After a period of time, whichever test performs best becomes your winner and is sent to the remaining users. A/B tests are a great way to maximize the performance of your digital marketing strategy by testing the waters first.


We hope these tips help the next time you launch a digital marketing campaign for your school! If you're interested in learning more, consider reading our guide to inbound marketing to pick up new tactics for your strategy.