The 3 Benefits of Automation in Your Online Enrollments System

March 29, 2021

A note from Digistorm: This post was originally published in May 2017. We've updated it to include more valuable, relevant content.

Well it finally happened! Your team signed on the dotted line and your school is the proud new owner of an online enrollments system. You feel elated — finally families will be able to complete their enrollment applications from their phones! You won't have to chase up admissions fees! And you can see exactly where every single prospective student fits into your pipeline. Life is good

But do you know what feature has the potential to make your enrollments system even better? Automation. Also known as workflows, automations are a tool within customer relationship managers (CRMs) or enrollments systems that streamline a lot of your basic or repetitive tasks, leaving you free to focus on the high-value activities that make a big difference to your bottom line. 

Not quite convinced? Here are the 3 biggest benefits of using automation in your online enrollments system.


1. It saves you buckets of time

A big hesitation that many schools may have when they're looking to implement an online enrollments system is that it will take them additional time to maintain the system and stay on top of dirty data. By implementing a system with automation however, schools can eliminate a number of steps in the traditional enrollments process: assessing the form, manually inputting or updating the lead's information, and sending email communications to follow up with parents if they haven't completed all of the steps.

Once you've set up your automations and the conditions that it needs in order to trigger, you can sit back, relax and watch the system complete all of your repetitive, annoying tasks instead!


2. It allows you to build relationships

The second big hesitation that schools have when it comes to using automation in their admissions is that it will take away the human element from their admissions. We all know how important it is to focus heavily on the relationships aspect of enrollments in order to nudge families across the line. 

Automations that have been carefully set up, however, can achieve the opposite for your school. In fact, they can support you to build even better relationships with the families that are in your network. By setting up automated nurturing or check-in emails, you can keep your school top of mind all throughout the year. For example, you can forget setting a reminder to wish each child in your database 'Happy birthday' — who has time for that? Instead, by setting up an automated email, your school can ensure they never miss a prospective student's birthday ever again! 


3. It keeps the right people in the loop

Whenever a child progresses through a new stage in your enrollments pipeline, it's likely that certain staff members will need to be notified. This can be a time consuming process to reach out to each staff member and make sure they're aware that a new enrollment may be on their way! 

Instead, automations can send out short, sharp email notifications that let each relevant team or staff member know all of the information that they need to be able to nurture the child through that stage in your process. 


How to get started with automations

We've mentioned it before — Digistorm has been slowly rolling out automation functionality within Funnel over the past few months. You can catch up on everything to do with automations in our very informative webinar that we hosted towards the end of 2020. 



If you'd like a Digistorm demo to see how automations can improve your enrollments processes, make sure you reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our friendly sales team. We'd love to chat!