Key Benefits of an Integrated School Calendar

June 6, 2020

We could list a dozen reasons why implementing a school app elevates the way that your school communicates, but today, we just want to focus on just one key feature – your calendar. Events, extracurricular activities, appointments, interviews – you name it – they all play an essential role in how your school engages with its community. 

But, for many parents, keeping up-to-date with school events means juggling multiple calendars across different platforms. This is where the integrated calendar module within a Digistorm App can help! Let's take a look at the ways the calendar module can benefit your school and provide an even greater user experience for parents. 






Keep all your school events in one place

We like to think of the calendar module as your school's single source of truth. Here, you're able to easily manage your school's entire schedule in one place. It’s easy to use, easy to read, and provides your school community with all of the information they need, right in the palm of their hands. Instead of needing to search your website or dig up old newsletters, parents can rest assured that all the information they need in stored in one convenient location. 


Filter events for a more personalized experience

Let's face it, parents aren't going to want to know about every single event that's happening at your school. All they're really after, is the information that concerns them and their children. This is why we made sure that the Digistorm App offers clever targeting based on a user preferences.

What this means is a parent can change their preference settings within their school app and select to receive notifications about the events and topics that interest them –  Year 2 and Rugby for example. By selecting this, the parent will now only receive calendar information about this topic, or information that includes school-wide targeting. 


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Send instant push notifications 

Push notifications are effective because they can be sent instantly by app publishers at any time, even if a user doesn’t have the app open. These handy messages look a whole lot like a text message, but they can only reach people who have downloaded your mobile app (your school community for example).  

If you've add a new event to your school's calendar that you would like to promote to your community, you can get the message out quickly and effectively by sending a push notification. Got an important event coming up? A push notification can be a valuable way to act as a reminder and boost your attendance numbers. Similarly, if you need to cancel or update any details about your event, a push notification will ensure that your community get the message. 


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