How Concordia Lutheran College Doubled Online Enrollment Applications with Funnel

February 4, 2020

Concordia Lutheran College is a co-educational school for Prep to Year 12, across three campuses in Toowoomba, Queensland. With a goal to boost enrollments and streamline internal processes, Concordia implemented Digistorm's customer relationship manager (CRM), Funnel, to better nurture prospective families from inquiry to enrollment. We recently sat down with Bianca Coleborn, the Director of Marketing and Enrollments at Concordia Lutheran College to explore what impact Funnel has had on their enrollments.



What was it like at Concordia before you had Funnel? 

When I first started here at Concordia in 2017, the enrollments process here was managed in a very traditional way, a way that I think a lot of schools probably manage their enrollments. There were spreadsheets, notes in books, and really a reliance on our enrollments staff to have that knowledge in their head. 

Does Funnel solve a particular problem at your school?

This tool (Digistorm's Funnel CRM) has really helped me work together with our enrollments registrar to provide an extra level of service to people who are interested in enrolling. I'll also be using it to find out information that I need. So, if I'm looking at how many Prep inquiries we have for 2022, I can go in there and find that data.

For our enrollments registrar, it's great for her to be able to go in there, write notes about 'this person toured here today.' As a team, we find it really useful. If one of us are away, we can simply log onto Funnel, bring up that file and say 'okay, yes, I can see that you spoke to this person, on this day, and you're interested in this.' 

How has Funnel improved admissions processes at your school? 

We need to be able to give them (prospective families) all of the information that they need and we need to be able to do it in a timely way. By utilising a system like Funnel, we can tailor our communications, identify people who no longer wish to receive communications from us, and we can also identify ways that we can enhance the experience for our prospective families. 


Funnel dashboard


What's the main reason you would recommend Funnel? 

To be honest, I don't know how a school can operate in today's society without having something like Funnel to keep track of enrollments, to nurture your leads, and ensure that you're providing the best possible service. They deserve to receive that high level of quality and I believe that Funnel is helping us to do that. Every day when I turn on my computer, Funnel is one of the first things I log onto, and I really look forward to seeing a new application, or a new inquiry.

What makes you happiest about working with Digistorm? 

The Digistorm team are making those improvements and enhancements. They've made our systems so much easier. They're a company that cares about their customers and I've certainly felt that they care about me and that makes it fun to work with them. 


Since implementing Funnel in 2017, Concordia Lutheran College has doubled its number of online enrollment applications. 


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