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Digistorm and Quest Forward Academy: Finding Enrollment Success with Funnel

October 20, 2020

Quest Forward Academy is a private, non-faith-based school, with two academies located in Omaha, Nebraska, and Santa Rosa, California. With a focus on equipping students with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world, Quest Forward Academy combines rigorous academics with a solid framework of real-life skills. Quest Forward Academy Omaha and Santa Rosa have small, but mighty, class sizes of approximately 12 students. The Academies are part of a global, collaborative network of Quest Forward schools.

After struggling to find a school customer relationship manager (CRM) that met their needs, the team at Quest Forward Academy discovered Digistorm Funnel. As the Director of Recruitment at Quest Forward Academy Omaha, Lauren Dombrowski works closely with prospective families to guide them through the application process and determine whether Quest Forward Academy is the best fit for their child. We caught up with Lauren to learn more about how Funnel has assisted her team in streamlining their enrollment journey.


Photograph of a classroom at Quest Forward Academy

How did you first hear about Digistorm? 

A colleague of mine began researching customer relationship managers (CRM) that were specifically designed for schools. The system we were using at the time just wasn't working – we needed something that was school-focused. We created a list of different options and Digistorm made the cut. After carefully reviewing each platform, we decided that Funnel was the best choice for our school.



What do you look for in a software and technology partner for your school?

When choosing any new technology for our team, it's essential to find a solution that makes our jobs easier. When I initially joined the academy, we didn't have a CRM that was designed to service the needs of schools. The amount of effort that went into managing our previous system made work more difficult and reduced the amount of time we had to connect with prospective families. I've also been so impressed with how incredibly responsive and helpful Jamie Giblett (and the rest of the team that I haven't met) are.


Photograph of a student at Quest Forward AcademyWhat was it like at Quest Forward Academy before you had Funnel?

Prior to implementing Funnel, we had a system that no one used. I spent hours reading training tutorials, trying to figure out how to use it, but it was impossible to make it work for our needs. After eventually giving up, we ended up relying on a simple Google Doc to manually track lead conversions. We had multiple documents on the go, which led to a lot of frustration due to oversight and user errors. To say the least, our monthly reporting process was extremely time-consuming.

Funnel has completely solved this issue for our team, leaving more time to focus on recruitment. Our leadership team is now able to get a quick and accurate snapshot of our enrollment funnel, without having to dig deeper into the system. The dashboard has also allowed us to do away with our clunky monthly reports. Email communication is also far easier, as we have one, centralized place to store all of our lead contact information. Now whenever I look at a lead, I can see at a glance what the last conversation I had with them was.


Photograph of student and teacher at Quest Forward Academy

To wrap up, what’s the main reason you would recommend Funnel?

Not only is Funnel tailor-made for education recruiting, but the support received from the Digistorm team is unmatched! I typically have Funnel open on my computer every day and look through my segments to see who I need to contact to help them move along in the admissions process. 



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