St Peters Lutheran College: Showcasing Diversity with a Digistorm Website

October 29, 2020

Founded in 1945, St Peters Lutheran College is a Christian, co-education school with two campuses located in Indooroopilly and Springfield, Queensland. The college identifies itself as a community and home-away-from-home, catering to students from Prep to Year 12 and providing boarding at each of its campuses.

Known for its diverse learning pathways, cohesive sports programs, and world-class performing arts facilities, St Peters needed a new school website that highlighted its best features while providing clear navigation between the two campuses for prospective families. In this interview, we chat with Ross Thomson, Director of Community Engagement, and Anthony Cox, Graphic Design and Web Editor, to learn more about their experience working with Digistorm on this project. 


What led you to kick off a new website project with Digistorm?

Anthony: It was identified quite early that it was hard to navigate between the Indooroopilly and Springfield campuses on the old website and that we needed to develop a more user-friendly solution. We had a bit of an idea about where we wanted to take this new website but felt as though we could benefit from working collaboratively with Digistorm given their industry knowledge and experience in creating websites specifically designed for schools.

Ross: When we developed our new website, we were pretty finicky about what we wanted. To me, the website is for our prospective families and promoting the school, but we also want to make it available for current families to pay accounts, keep up with news, and so on. 

St Peters Homepage

What was it like working with the Digistorm team?

Anthony: Going through to development was made quite easy with Digistorm's account managers. We had good discussions about things that we thought the site needed and what Digistorm suggested could make it even better. When we launched the website, it was well-received – certainly, people found it very easy to navigate and get to where they needed to be quick. 

Ross: We have always found Digistorm to be very helpful in everything that we've asked for. If we have an issue, they're more than willing to jump on board and help us out. The timeframe of turning things around is also really quick! It's been a positive experience and we would recommend them [Digistorm] to any school.  

"We've always found Digistorm to be very helpful in everything that we've asked for. If we have

an issue, they're more than willing to jump on board and help us out."


How easy is the Digistorm Website content management system to use?

Anthony: Many of our team have used other CMS programs before, but I think if someone was to come into the office with little experience, they would find it quite easy to navigate. To be able to add images, videos, and create tables without having to do all of the coding makes everything a lot quicker, a lot easier, and less stressful. 

Digistorm has built a reputation of knowing what they're doing, they work with a lot of schools, but they're also happy to listen to what your school needs and help to highlight those differences that every school tends to have. There are a great lot of resources that Digistorm will provide – it's ongoing. There are plenty of tutorials and information available and they're only a phone call away if you need a hand. 


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