Website Development

Checklist for Your School Website Update

July 19, 2017

Website best practice, SEO and technology develop at such a rapid rate that regular website updates are absolutely essential for your school. While there are a number of school website aspects that should be updated to remain current, we’ve put together a simple checklist for you to consider next time you’re updating yours.


Whether or not a website is responsive has an incredibly large impact upon the behavior of your users. Ensure that a focus for your website update includes responsiveness across every device type.


Browser compatibility.

Your school website should be compatible across all popular browsers, so that you can provide a positive user experience to every visitor.


Clarity of navigation.

Your school website’s navigation should be a key focus for your website update. Use Google Analytics information to understand the pages that users are visiting most, so you know which links are most important to display clearly and primarily. For more information on navigation, read our post on Effective School Website Navigation.


Imagery refresh.

This consideration is less about your website development and more about your marketing content! Consider having a professional photographer take some high quality, new and engaging photography that represents your school and your brand. This point will keep on giving, because keeping imagery updated and refreshed on an ongoing basis can make it look like you have a brand new website.


Quick links to important pages.

Consider those popular and frequently visited pages and think about including them as quick links on your school website’s homepage. The easier you make it for users to complete their conversion on your website, the better their experience will be.


Clear CTAs.

While overhauling your content, make sure that you include clear calls to action that are placed in areas that can easily be navigated to. The use of buttons can be an effective way to improve the visibility and effectiveness of calls to action, and placing one in the main navigation can improve click-through.


Overall user experience

Think about the overall user experience before approving the design and structure of your school’s website. What is the user’s purpose for visiting your site and have you made it simple for them to do so? Surveys can be a great way to gather information about what your customers and what they would like to achieve through your website.


Go through this checklist before starting your website update and you’ll cover all of the most important school website features for an effective online presence. For more information, take a look at our free resource: The Ultimate Guide to School Website Design.

Not sure where to start but know your website needs an overhaul? Contact Digistorm about a school website solution today.