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Collecting Form Data: What's Next?

October 1, 2017

Online forms are an effective way to collect important information used for contacting, surveying or gaining expressions of interest from members of the school community. Aside from their immediate purpose, there are a number of ways in which you can use utilize your data for your school’s benefit.


Get valuable insights

If your system allows your school to export form data, analyzing it can provide you with some valuable insights for marketing and admission purposes. Which postcode are the parents who request your prospectus coming from, as opposed to the ones who are completing enrollment? What percentage of the parents registering for your open day are going on to enroll? Think about the data you’re collecting and how you can learn from it.


Retarget potential enrollments

If you’re collecting email addresses, you have the opportunity to send them valuable email content in order to try to gain their enrollment. As an example, if you have a form where prospective parents are providing their details for a prospectus or tour, use that list of emails to send out information about your open day. Think about email marketing opportunities that are targeted to the audience you’re growing through your forms.


Manage relationships

Having a prospective parent complete an online form is an expression of interest, indicating to your school that there is a potential enrollment. This information makes it easy for schools to reach out, share key information about the school and to encourage enrollments. Reach out and offer the parent a tour or ask them if they have any specific questions.


Last but not least: don’t forget about spam law

There are rules around sending email marketing communications, so make sure you’re aware of them before hitting ‘send’. You can learn more here, but we’ve put together some key considerations:

  • You need consent from the recipient to send email marketing, and it can either be inferred or express. Inferred consent is where a recipient can reasonably expect to hear from you (because they have dealt with you recently) and express consent is where a recipient has indicated that they would like to receive communications from you.
  • You always need to offer a method for the recipient to unsubscribe.
  • Your emails should never be misleading to the recipient
  • You need to indicate the sender of the email (your school and its’ details)


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