Digi People: Meet Paul, Our Web Developer

July 2, 2020

Welcome to another special 'at home' edition of Digi People! Each month, we sit down with a team member at Digistorm to talk about their life, their career before Digistorm, and what their experience has been since joining the team. Today, we're catching up with Paul Issac Elias, to learn more about his journey to Digistorm, what he gets up to in his spare time, and what he has enjoyed most about working from home.


FamilyTell us a little bit about yourself, where you're from, and what you like to get up to in your spare time...

My name is Paul Issac Elias and I'm a Web Developer here at Digistorm. My family and I are from Southern India – we moved to Australia about eight years ago. Initially we lived in Brisbane, then Sydney, and now I'm currently living on the Gold Coast with my wife and two little girls. In my spare time, I like to test drive new cars with my brother – that's kind of my thing. One day I think I'd like to buy a Mercedes GLE coupé, but for now the test drives will do. 






What was your journey to Digistorm like?

I had just moved to the Gold Coast and was looking for a role as a Web Developer and Digistorm popped up. I've been working here for about five years now. When I first started at Digistorm, the company was quite small, so it's been wonderful to see it grow into what it is today.


IMG-20200613-WA0021-1What do you love about working at Digistorm? 

It's a young company and everyone is very enthusiastic and friendly, which is great provides a great culture. I would also say that our team is very helpful – you can always ask anyone for a hand.



Can you tell us what a 'day in the life' looks like for you?

My day is spent splitting my time between supporting our support team and working across Digistorm's website, app, and CRM products. It can be very busy, but I like being able to work on all of the Digistorm products.




How would you say your work has changed since lockdown?

When we first started working from home, I initially thought that it was very boring. Now, it feels like I've been working from home all along. The flexibility means that I've been able to spend more time with my family, take my daughter to school, and play with my kids on my break.


What are you looking forward to doing again post-COVID-19?

I'm looking forward to travelling again! I don't think we'll open the Australian borders for a while yet, but I'd love to head down to Canberra to see my cousins who are living there. 




To wrap up, could you describe yourself in three emojis?

🚙 🏏 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧