Social Media

Examples of Effective School Facebook Posts

October 3, 2018

From sharing important updates to updating the school community on recent events, Facebook is the perfect place to distribute engaging content to a captive audience. We’ve collected some recent posts, created by K-12 schools. Here are some of our favourites!


St Andrew’s ‘Prekka’ Post

Using some fun photos from their prep Ekka holiday celebrations, St Andrew’s created a video to show their community all of the fun that went on.




Rivercrest’s Beautiful Book Week Photography

High quality photos were snapped during Book Week at Rivercrest, and they were used to create a Facebook gallery showing the school community their parade.



Peninsula’s Performing Arts Video

Using an engaging, branded video, Peninsula Grammar highlighted a student’s talent as well as their #LearnGrowFlourish mission statement.



Marist’s Iconic Photo Recreation

By re-creating an iconic Beatles shot, Marist College was able to resonate with the parents in their school community while effectively promoting their Junior School musical.



Scotch’s Parent-Focused Blog Post

The blog articles written by Scotch College are filled with knowledge, information, and learnings targeted towards the parents of their students. This post effectively summarizes what parents can expect on the blog and encourages them to click through for more information.



With so many effective posts in our feed, these are just a few recent highlights! Want to show us yours? Tag Digistorm on Facebook to show us the content your school has been creating.