Funnel and Enrol to Become One, Powerful End-To-End Enrollment Platform

June 25, 2020

You’re hearing it here first, Digistorm’s school customer relationship manager (CRM), Funnel, and online enrollment system Enrol, are joining forces to become one, powerful, end-to-end school enrollment platform. In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the upcoming migration whether you’re an existing Digistorm customer, or currently on the lookout for a better way to manage your school’s enrollments. 


What’s changing?

Digistorm’s Funnel and Enrol products will become one new and improved software solution, officially to be known as Funnel. Here are just a few of the features you can expect to see in this exciting new end-to-end enrollment solution: 

  • A brand-new look and feel
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Custom domains
  • Improved enrollment application management 
  • Increased security measures 

For all of our existing customers currently using the Enrol platform, you’ll soon be invited to migrate across to the new Funnel Platform. We’d just like to make it clear that absolutely no additional fee will be incurred here – this is an entirely free upgrade as we’re committed to providing the leading enrollment software solution for schools. Our existing customers can also rest assured that all existing Enrol data will be migrated to your new Funnel platform.


Why are we migrating our systems?

We’ve listened to our customer’s feedback and we’ve done the research – this move comes after many lessons that we’ve learned over the years. Our vision for Funnel is to provide a unified and more centralized platform for the hundreds of schools that are currently working across both software platforms. We believe our new and improved Funnel platform will not only provide a more streamlined solution but will also enable schools to more easily manage the entire end-to-end enrollment process.


What if I already have Enrol? 

If you’re currently working on our Enrol platform – stay tuned for more information. Your designated Digistorm Client Success Manager will be touching base with you over the coming months to plan and begin the migration process. They’ll also organize complete training on the new system for your team to ensure a seamless transition. 


Key points to remember 

  • Digistorm’s Funnel and Enrol products are joining into one new software solution that will be officially known as Funnel.
  • Current Enrol clients will be invited to migrate to the new platform at no additional cost.
  • No data will be lost – all existing Enrol data will be seamlessly migrated to the new solution.


For more information about our upcoming product migration, please feel free to reach our to your Digistorm Client Success Manager – they’ll be happy to lend a helping hand. For general inquiries, please contact our support team