Funnel Feature Roundup: June 2020

June 29, 2020

Another month, another exciting roundup of Funnel features to share with our clients! At Digistorm, we're always looking for ways to improve our products, which is why we're excited to share with you the latest and greatest changes that we've made to our leading school CRM. 

We've put together a video outlining the big changes that you'll need to know. You can watch it from the start, or skip to the feature you're interested in by using the navigation links below! We've also provided some extra information about each feature underneath. Let's dive in!



  1. Displaying Year level and Year of entry information. We've changed the way your information is visually represented within the Funnel Events App. Within the admin view of Funnel, you'll now be able to see all year level and year of entry information for every single one of your registered leads.
  2. Displaying registered and checked in attendee numbers. There is now an extra level of transparency for your events within the Funnel Events App. The admin view now displays the total number of registered and checked-in attendees at a glance. This means, when you jump into the App, you'll be able to easily see how your event attendance is tracking at all times.
  3. Global event search. This feature is handy for any school that is hosting multiple events on the same day. Within both the admin view and the parent view within the Funnel Events App, you can now search for an attendee's event registration globally, rather than by a specific event. This feature helps you to save time and streamline your check-in process. 
  4. All registered names searchable. The global event search feature update has also expanded the search capabilities within the Funnel Events App to discover all registrations — not just the registered primary guardian. This means you can search for any child or guardian name to locate the relevant group registration.
  5. One tap check in. We've updated the way you check attendees in at your events to remove any unnecessary steps. Within the admin view, you can now find the relevant group information and check them in by simply tapping on the circle icon. You can easily add additional guests by using the counter to easily enter the number.
  6. Add event notes to leads. When you're checking in attendees, there's a good chance you'll strike up a conversation and learn some lead information that's worth holding on to. With the new 'add notes' feature, you can easily add additional details which will be stored on the lead timeline. This will allow you to reflect on the information later on, and use it to update any of the lead's existing fields.
  7. Attach files to notes. When you create a note, you can use the attachment icon to add any supporting files or documentation to that note. When you select this icon, you'll now be able to browse for a file or drag and drop the file directly to your note. 
  8. Duplicate communication template. We've made creating templates even easier! Rather than needing to start from scratch every time, simply navigate to your templates within the communications module and select an existing template. You can then duplicate it and make the changes that you need.
  9. View custom fields on on your leads table. We've also added a new feature within our table views to extend the fields available to you. By selecting 'edit columns', you'll now be able to select any of the custom fields that you store against your lead, and view the within your leads table.
  10. See assigned and reported tasks. The tasks module has been expanded to now include not only the tasks assigned to you, but those you have assigned to others as well. 'Task Reporter' and 'Task Assignee' fields have been introduced and provided as quick views on the left side, while the 'Assigned to me' and 'Reported by me' will continue to show you all of your relevant tasks.
  11. Reorder event registrations alphabetically. The registrations displayed within an event can now be ordered alphabetically by the guardian's last name. To do this simply click the Group Name heading to reorder your list from A-Z or Z-A.


And that's it for Funnel's latest feature updates! If you'd like more information about any of the new Funnel features, make sure you reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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