Funnel Feature Roundup: October

November 2, 2020

Can you believe that it's already that time again? We're back with our monthly Funnel Feature release roundup. In the video below, our Sales Manager, Clay, will walk you through all of the exciting updates. You know the drill – you can sit back and watch the highlight video, or jump ahead to any of the releases that grab your attention by clicking on the anchor links in the text below! 



1. Fee Discount Coupons. As you may know, your online enrolment forms have always enabled you to offer families discounted application fees. This functionality has traditionally been applied through a form logic, as families answer questions on your form – but we've taken this one step further! Your school can now provide discount coupons to families that can be entered when completing a form, automatically applying a percentage or dollar amount discount. 

To ensure this feature doesn't get taken advantage of, you can apply a limit to the number of times a discount code can be used. For example, this means that you could run a campaign offering a particular discount to the first 50 people who apply. You can also apply restricted timeframes to any new discount code, rendering it inactive by a specified date. 

2. Number of Households. Within Funnel, we have individual guardians associated with leads, but those guardians also belong to family groups or households too. We’ve just added a handy new option to filter the number of households that are associated with a lead. This is a great step forward in terms of data cleanings as you can easily identify duplicate guardians in your system that have created new households and merge data where required.

3. Number of Form Submissions. Want to monitor the engagement of leads based on the number of form submissions? Now you can with our handy new lead filter! This filter is particularly powerful when analyzing form submissions with other data, such as closed-won or closed leads as you can more easily identify trends. Simply filter by stage equals closed-won and add the number of form submissions column to your table to view this data.

4. Expired Links. We recently updated the link expiry error message in emails sent from your communications tab within Funnel. When sending an enrolment form to your leads, the link provided within the email is valid for seven days after it has been sent. If a guardian clicks the link after this time, they’re taken to an error landing page. This landing page now provides information about why the guardian is seeing an error and advises the link has now expired. 

If you have any email templates set up that include a link to your enrolment form, we recommend updating them to include information about the seven-day link lifespan and expiry. Remember this expiry is for enrolment forms only, event form links and default form links such as inquiry forms are not impacted by this.

5. Plain Text Emails. If you’ve been looking for a way to send plain emails without branding to your Funnel contacts, then look no further! We have introduced a plain text template to our communications editor. When you visit the editor, you will have the option to choose between ‘Account Branding’ and the new ‘Plain Text’ templates.

You’ll notice that the plain text template does not include your school logo, social media links, footer elements, and branding, allowing you to send emails with a more personalized feel to your contacts. However, you can still use all of the Funnel features that you know and love, such as tokens, to send your plain text communications at scale.

6. Re-ordered buttons. Finally, when it comes to reporting, it’s important to ensure that you’re using Funnel’s activities, notes, and task features accurately when adding information to a lead’s timeline. We’ve noticed that some users are opting to log interactions like; phone conversations with guardians or meeting information as a note against the lead, rather than an activity. Using these features incorrectly will make it a little tricky when reporting on activities as you’ll be missing key data. To make this a little clearer for users, we’ve reordered the buttons as; activities, notes, and tasks.


And that’s it for our October Funnel Feature roundup! For more Funnel tips and news, don't forget to check out our updates page. As always, if you have any questions or would like to request additional training, please get in touch with your friendly Digistorm Customer Success Manager.