Digi People: Meet Gus, Our Lead Developer

October 16, 2019

Every month, we sit down with a team member at Digistorm to talk about their life, their career before Digistorm and what their experience has been since working here. Gus has been working at Digistorm for three years in the role of lead developer. Along with our Managing Director Tim, Gus leads a team of 12 software, app and web developers who build amazing products for schools around the world. In this interview, we chat about his journey to becoming a developer, his greatest passion outside of work, and his favorite part about working at Digistorm.

Gus surfingTell us about yourself.

You know how hard this is for a developer, right? We're very shy. Okay.

My name is Gustavo Morao, and I'm a lead developer here at Digistorm. In my spare time, I spend time with my girls — I have two daughters — and my wife. My family is my greatest passion outside of work. I love spending time with them. I love surfing. I've been surfing for about 20 years now, and there is no better feeling in the world than catching a wave for me.

What was your journey to becoming a web developer?

I became a developer 15 years ago. In my first job — I was still at uni at the time — I was a part of a very small company, building software for restaurants and hotels and stuff like that. It was focused on desktop applications at the time, and then I gradually started moving into web development. Since then I've been developing for web, and enjoying that every day. And that's why I'm here.




Gus Family Why did you decide to join Digistorm? 

The location was a big motivation for me — being by the beach! But also the products they were building for the clients, the technologies they were using and the culture of the company was a key factor for me. I enjoyed the vibe from our MD, Tim, and our Director of Sales, Chris. They were really cool when I had the interview with them. I remember going back home and thinking... this is a dream job.

I love working with Digistorm because we build amazing products. I love what we do here — I love to be a part of a great team. The culture is amazing as well. We are kind of laid back, but at the same time we kind of push ourselves really hard to get things done in the best manner. I think our clients reflect that when we get their feedback.

What's your favorite part about working at Digistorm?

My favorite part, I guess, is when we get to the point of discussing what we need to develop for the clients. The brainstorming part, designing features for products, or even new products. It was very exciting when we did the release of the CRM, as we spent a lot of time building that product. We released it and when our first client used it, it was a really happy moment for us. Everyone was really stoked about it and our clients are loving it. So, it has been really good to be a part of a product that you know, our clients use and enjoy and love!

And obviously, hanging out with the team on Fridays and having a beer.

What is one professional value you've carried with you?

I would say responsibility. I believe that being responsible and being someone who the company can trust is very important. Responsibility is something that I've tried to carry with me through all my roles and previous jobs.

What attributes make up a good Digistorm developer?

Attention to detail is very important. Understanding requirements and asking enough questions when in doubt. A good developer also needs to write readable code so anyone else in the team who needs to look at the code can understand it. Testing as well — a good developer takes good care of what they're building and makes sure it won't break. At least not easily.

I think good developers seek challenges and they constantly look to improve their skills. To be a Digistorm developer, it's very important that you can work together in a team.

Can you explain Digistorm's development stack?

Yeah, sure. Our main products are built in PHP. We rely on a framework called Laravel, which has proven to be very effective and efficient for us — the developers love it as well. We also rely on Amazon Web Services for our hosting infrastructure. We have different services with them, from database management systems, web servers, caching, search indexes and stuff like that. We also heavily use new technologies in the front end such as VueJS.

gus-family-3What's something that people might be surprised to know about you?

I don't know if many people know about this, but I kind of faint at the sight of blood and needles. It gets worse every year. So yeah, I think that's something that might surprise some people.

To wrap up, can you describe yourself in three emojis?

😎 🤓 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧


Are you interested in working with Gus at Digistorm to work on amazing products in a great team? We're always on the lookout for talented developers in the Gold Coast area. Email your CV to — we'd love to meet you!

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