How a CRM Saves Your School Time and Money

July 9, 2020

A note from Digistorm: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been updated to include more up-to-date information.

Whenever Digistorm creates a new feature for our customer relationship manager (CRM), Funnel, we have two major goals in mind: to save your school's time by creating efficiencies in day-to-day tasks and to save money by eliminating clunky administration from your workload. Here's a quick rundown of how your school could be saving time and money by implementing a CRM.


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Ditch the data entry

Imagine if prospective student data could be collected in one place and then seamlessly transferred into a central database with no effort required from your admissions team. Sound like a dream? CRMs can make this a reality for your school. 

Schools can add integrated forms to their website that collect and then automatically input parent and student information directly into the CRM database. Upon completing a form — for example, a contact form, or an expression of interest, or a tour registration — that student is entered as a Lead, indicating to the school that they are a potential enrollment. This process effectively removes manual data entry for your school and speeds up the initiation process of a new potential enrollment. 


Keep an eye on enrollment stages

Just like in business, school CRMs allow you to set up your own stages, from inquiry to enrollment. Once these are set up, you can update a student’s status in the system, or to create triggers that update the student’s status based on their activity and engagement with your school. Watch students move along your enrollment funnel, and see where they may be disengaging or stalling well before they drop out of the process altogether. 

Not only does this functionality remove another manual step for administration, you can also see enrollments that are in danger well before you lose them. Rather than searching for their file or manually tracing that student's activities or interests, CRMs do the hard work for your school, providing you with this information at the click of a mouse.


Slice and dice your database

Managing a list of potential enrollments can be a tedious process — especially when every prospective student has a different background, different interests and has various levels of engagement with your school. Without a CRM, it can be tricky to efficiently ways to group potential enrollments based on certain attributes. CRMs include functionality that allows you to quickly sort your database however you choose using filters and segments. This functionality provides you with a quick and simple method of organizing and understanding prospecive enrollment information.

For example, with a few clicks, you can filter your data to view every potential enrollment for First Grade, starting in 2025. If this is a report that you find you need to pull often, you can also save this filter as a segment, so that the list will automatically update as  new information is entered into your CRM


Send personalized communications

Sending personalized emails containing important information, reminders, event invitations and more is often a tedious manual task. CRMs allow you to use the power of automation to send personalized communications to a wide audience. With a CRM, you can either manually select students from your database, or send to a saved list or segment, and use an email template that you have stored in your system.


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Integrate your payment gateway

Chasing application fees is a pain. CRMs eliminate the awkwardness by integrating your online enrollments form with your school's bank or payment gateway. You can set up your form to collect payment when parents lodge their application, or you can build friendly 'nudge' emails into your enrollment workflow to save you from manually following up with parents who have forgotten to pay.


Think a CRM could improve some of your school’s enrollment processes? Why not explore Digistorm Funnel, a CRM built exclusively for schools using feedback from admissions teams in the USA, Australia, Asia and the UK. Contact the Digistorm sales team to find out more. 

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