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How to Make Parent Communication Simple

June 13, 2018

The education of a child is an incredibly important thing for parents to focus on. Because of this, schools have a responsibility to ensure that their parent communication is effective, frequent and relevant. We’ve put together this post featuring key communication points for prospective parents and how you can ensure your school’s communication is not only effective but also simple.


Make it easy for parents to establish contact.

Parents should be able to quickly and easily establish contact with your school. In addition to traditional contact number and address information, offering an online form on your school’s website can be an effective way to allow parents to get in touch and indicate the information they’re looking for. In addition to creating a simple pathway for parents, forms can be integrated with your school’s software systems in order for easy data transfer.


Track and monitor communications with parents

Implementing a system such as a school CRM can assist schools with the tracking of all communications with a prospective parent. Systems such as Funnel allow schools to view email correspondence with a parent and to set clever and timely reminders and tasks in order to follow up with, remind and update prospective parents who have the potential to enroll.


Use lists to send targeted communications

Systems such as Funnel offer the segmentation of parent information, allowing schools to send targeted information. Not sure what we mean? Here’s an example. Your school has a junior school open day coming up and wants to get the word out. Using Funnel, your school segments all prospective parents by those with children going into junior school this year, and use this list to send them an open day advertisement. It’s a clever and simple way to get the right information to the right people.


Communicate during online enrollment

Once the parent has decided to enroll, there are new forms of information that they may need from your school. During the enrollment process, it is important that parents have a simple line of communication with your school, and your school can also push out important updates. Funnel's online enrollments system offers automated and simple updated during the online enrollment systems. With an email upon commencement with a link to easily return to an enrollment at any time, as well as updates after 7 days of an incomplete enrollment, the system makes parent updates during enrollment easy.


Use a school app for ongoing parent communication.

Parent communication apps are an incredibly easy and effective way to keep in touch with parents after they have enrolled their child with your school. By no means should communication stop when a student has been enrolled, so products such as the Digistorm App can be implemented to assist with the process! With modules such as Notices, Newsletters and Calendars featuring school events, in addition to push notifications for important updates, a parent communication app is the perfect solution to keeping parents informed in a simple way.


Talk to us about a comprehensive solution for improving parent communication for your school. With a range of software products developed specifically for your school, Digistorm can offer you the perfect software solution.