Improving the Prospective Parent Experience Online

December 26, 2017

Your online communication channels play a large role in the experience that prospective parents have with your school. Here are our key methods for improving the online experience for prospective parents of your school.


Focus messaging and creative on prospective parents

In order to capture the attention of and gain click-through or conversions from a prospective parent, schools should focus on ensuring that their messaging and imagery is geared towards the prospective parent. This audience should be presented with opportunities to learn more from the school and to register their interest, rather than for example being shown information more suited to existing parents of the school.


Create simple pathways to the information they need

Both digital marketing channels and a school’s website should offer simple methods to access information that is important to prospective parents. Here are some ways to ensure that prospective parents can easily access information they need from your school:

  • Add your school’s website link to every social media profile
  • Keep your school’s social media profile information current and updated
  • Ensure that your website’s navigation is clear and provides obvious links to common information searched for by this group
  • Follow basic SEO principles to ensure that your website pages appear in relevant search results. 
  • If offering online enrollment, provide prospective parents with information about the process prior to commencement.


Make contact methods clear and accessible

Your school’s contact information should be clearly presented in its’ website footer, on a ‘Contact’ page and on each online marketing profile that the school has. Ensure that contact methods are kept updated, and provide your preferred method in any digital marketing that is being run.


Don’t wait for them to contact you

If a prospective parent has expressed their interest in enrollment, don’t wait for them to contact you or to enroll online. Reach out, offer additional information or a tour and continue to be proactive to ensure that the prospective parent has everything they need in order to make a decision. Email is an effective channel for this sort of one-on-one communication, and a Customer Relationship system such as Funnel can help you to manage the enrollment stage of the parent and to keep track of your communications with them.


Optimize your website for prospective parents

Every school’s website is different, however a common fact is that a K-12 school’s website is a source of information for prospective parents. Schools should ensure that there is a strong call to action upon reaching the website to begin the enrollment process, and that the structure of the website is such that a prospective parent could easily locate information pertaining to their child, such as enrollment methods, deadlines, extra-curricular activities, facilities and other information that sells the school. Websites should always be compatible with common web browsers and should be responsive across various screen sizes.


Offer simple and fast online enrollment

Online enrollment systems benefit not only prospective parents but also schools, reducing the time spent enrolling for the former and reducing administration for the latter. Schools should offer a system such as Funnel, with a branded, instructional landing page leading into a responsive form which can be completed in stages and to which necessary documents can be uploaded. Offering a simple solution for enrollment will improve the experience for the prospective parent and will speed up the enrollment journey.


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