Digistorm's Powerful API Integration with PCSchool

February 12, 2019

With over 300 schools using Funnel in Australia, Digistorm’s enrollment solution continues to be the most widely supported and adopted enrollment software in Australia.

Schools using the PCSchool Freedom version can now benefit from Digistorm’s best of breed Funnel system with direct integration between the two platforms. The fully supported integration allows data to be automatically transferred to the system via API, removing the need for manual data entry and the traditional export/import processes.


Introducing PCSchool

PCSchool is an integrated school administration package used by many schools in Australia and New Zealand. Inline with Digistorm’s core objectives, the school software has been developed to improve working processes and reduce administration, which is why we are excited to be able to announce a new and fully supported integration with PCSchool. The interoperability between the two systems will offer reduced steps in the enrollment process for schools and will streamline connectivity between the platforms.


Why opt for Digistorm Funnel?

Funnel offers a mobile-responsive and user-friendly portal, that cleverly collects and feeds data into your school’s system. Parents can enter information, make payments and even attach documents online, making key enrollment functions simple for both the parent, and for the school.

Another benefit to Funnel is that parents can revisit their application form as many times as they want, meaning they do not have to complete the form on the spot.

The back-end system is even more powerful, offering schools a simple way to see and track all their enrollments, both completed and incomplete as well as view analytical data and demographic information.

If you are a PCSchool customer that is interested in learning more about the Funnel integration, contact us today.