Customer Relationship Management

Staying Connected With Parents

April 24, 2018

Parent communication is important throughout the entire lifetime of a parent’s relationship with your school. We put a significant focus on building the relationship pre-enrollment, however this post will focus on how you can remain connected with parents throughout their child’s journey with your school.


Why is parent communication important?

The decision-making journey for a parent doesn’t end at enrollment. Parents continue to have the ability to make changes to their child’s schooling, so keeping parents involved and engaged with the student’s education journey is crucial. Communicating frequently and keeping parents informed will ensure that they feel involved and connected with their child’s education.


The steps from awareness to relationship management

Parents pass through multiple steps from the moment they become aware of your school as an option for their child, to their enrollment, their graduation and beyond. Each stage of a parent’s relationship with your school requires a specific type of information, and you can learn more in our post, Understanding the Enrollment Customer Journey.


Tools for parent connection

There are a number of ways in which schools can communicate with parents in order to stay connected:

  • Notices — notices offer a vehicle for transferring brief and frequent information to parents that they need to be aware of.
  • Newsletter — newsletters offer a regular news update for parents with information that is not time sensitive.
  • Alerts or push notifications — important or urgent information should be transferred to parents via alerts.
  • Events calendar — calendars can be an effective way of making parents aware of all of the events that their child might be involved in or attending.


Implementing a parent communication app

Parent communication apps solve a number of challenges for schools and parents, particularly that of information being lost between the school and home. Parent communication apps like the Digistorm App can bridge the gap between home and school, offering a convenient and efficient communication tool to schools.

If your school is interested in learning more about parent communication using Digistorm’s range of software for schools, contact us today.