Website Development

What to Expect When Developing Your New School Website

August 13, 2018

Thinking about developing a new website? Here’s what you can expect if you choose Digistorm to build your school website, starting with identifying your challenges and moving all the way through to when your project goes live.

You’ve identified some room for improvement

If you’re beginning the project of developing a new school website, your existing website probably has some room for improvement. This article will take you from the first step of identifying the ways in which your website could be improved, right through to when the project goes live.


You’ve told us your school website objectives

Every successful school website projects starts with us getting an understanding for your school’s needs. Once we can understand your objectives, we can ensure your website is planned, designed and built based on your school’s needs.


We’ve put together a project timeline

Once the project has been scoped and approved, the next step is for us to create a project timeline to keep everyone on track for an efficient and successful school website delivery.


We’ve put together some designs

Based on a range of factors including your school’s brand guidelines, current design best practice, user experience and user interface guidelines, our team of experienced designers will present some design options to you. Your school will have the opportunity to offer feedback and once refined and approved, your website is ready for development.


Development begins!

Our talented team of developers then work their magic and build your brand new school website. This portion of the project is Digistorm’s responsibility and is a significant undertaking.


You complete your content input

This is arguably the most important portion of any school website project, and your school’s website won’t launch without it. Inputting the text, images and video content that make your school website shine is crucial to its’ success, and takes planning, strategy and time on the school’s behalf.


Testing for perfection

Before going live, your website will be placed into a test environment and first Digistorm, followed by your school will have the opportunity to test it. Testing is important as it ensures your website quality is high and that it’s visibly and functionally perfect.


Training and go-live

Once your website is ready to go, Digistorm provide comprehensive training on your school’s content management system. Then it’s time for the project to go live!

Did you know that Digistorm offers ongoing support for the life of your school’s Digistorm Website ? Your Customer Success and Project Managers will guide you through the entire process for a high quality website delivery. Contact us to learn more about Digistorm Websites today.