Switching to Online Enrollments: What to Expect

July 24, 2018

Does your school take applications via printed and scanned forms? This process is still relatively common, requiring manual follow up with prospective parents and manual data entry. Paper enrollment forms tend to increase the amount of time it takes internally to collect each individual enrollment, however there is a solution that schools can explore: the online enrolment system.

Implementing an online enrollment system is an effective way to reduce administration for the school, to streamline the process for parents and to remove manual data entry from the enrollment process. If you’re contemplating implementing an online enrolment system for your school, here is exactly what you can expect, both for parents and for your administration.


Your school goes paperless

With both an environmental benefit, and a positive reduction in administration time, implementing an online enrollment system removes the need for printing and scanning paper forms. This is the most obvious benefit, offering increased simplicity for the school with the data entered by parents going directly into your school’s online system.


File uploads become simple for parents

Many school enrollments require copies of documents such as identification, birth certificates or other documents as a part of the enrollment process. With a simple upload function from the parent’s computer or their mobile phone’s camera roll, uploading files becomes simple for both the parent and the school. Digistorm’s Enrol product allows parents to send communications directly to the parent during their enrollment process, requesting particular documentation from parents and reminding them to complete their required file uploads.


Enrollment information is all in one place

So we’ve covered how the online enrollment process improves the parent experience, but there are also significant benefits for K-12 schools. Once parent information is collected in Enrol, all enrollment data is kept in one place. Schools can view the progress of their enrollments, review completed enrollments and event see important information such as where their enrollments are coming from using basic analytics in the system.


Payments can be taken online

Using an online enrollment system can streamline the entire enrollment process, including the processing of enrollment fees. Digistorm’s Enrol product offers a quick, simple and safe online payment system for the processing of enrollment fees, reducing administration and time for both parents and the school.


Data is transferred easily

Many schools use School Management or School Information Systems, where they ultimately need parent and student data to end up. Enrol offers a simple data export that can be mapped by the Digistorm team for simple upload into your school’s system. We do the hard work so that your enrollment information is transferred easily, exactly where you need it.

Thinking about implementing an online enrollment system for your school? Talk to us about E today and our team will show you all of the features that will improve both the parent’s and the school’s enrollment experience.