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The Most Important Marketing Tool for Schools

July 7, 2020

Schools have a wide range of marketing methods and tools available to them in order to help them reach their goals. From traditional methods such as billboards, print advertising and more to modern digital methods such as social media and paid search, the tools are endless but there is one that stands out to us as the most important: your school websiteLet us explain.


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It's the ultimate source of truth.

Whether it’s opening hours, term dates, facility information or another piece of information, you’ll find that most users will rely on your school’s website in order to find it. With the fast growth in convenience and usage of mobile phones for finding information, schools with information readily available online will find that it will be consumed by both prospective parents and existing parents alike.

Over six billion online searches are made, daily. The frequency of internet users entering search terms into search engines to find the information that they need is staggering. The commonness of this method to source important information means that schools and businesses alike need to focus on what users looking for them will find at the completion of their search.


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It's a representation of your brand.

When visiting the website of any business, users are seeing an online representation of a business. The branding, visual appeal and consistency of a website with a school’s physical location all have an impact upon the user’s overall experience with the school.


It provides the opportunity for housing important information.

Unlike a piece of advertising, websites provide schools with the opportunity to host a broad range of information that is important to the target audience. With the opportunity for multiple types of media, including images, videos, text and more, websites allow schools to be creative and engaging with their content.


Updates and changes make it a flexible and comprehensive tool.

Websites are not a single-setup, ‘set and forget’ tool. They require constant upkeep, updates and refreshes in order to stay current, engaging and effective. Implementing a website with a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to easily make changes results in a comprehensive marketing tool for schools.

Following this theory, additional marketing tools can then be considered as supplementary methods, used to drive website traffic in order to reach the school's ultimate conversion goal.


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