Waitlist Management for Schools

May 18, 2020

Many schools and school districts implement a waitlist system when they have more enrollments than places available within a grade level. Each school will have their own process to filter through each application and assign them a position within the queue. Having a clear waitlist management process is key to ensuring all members of staff can process enrollment applications correctly. Customer relationship managers (CRMs) such as Digistorm Funnel allow schools to manage all stages of the enrollment cycle, including waitlisting preferences and management. Here's an overview of how your school can manage your waitlists using your CRM.




Implement lead scoring 

At many schools, there will be certain factors that make a family a good fit for your school, and naturally you will want to bump them up the waitlist queue. These factors are often identified within the application stage, such as:

  • whether the student has a sibling already enrolled in the school
  • proximity of their home to the school
  • whether they are a child of a staff member, board member or alumnus.

Lead scoring (commonly used by B2B or B2C businesses) is a tool within a CRM that assigns 'points' to a lead based on various attributes that the business determines are valuable. Using lead scoring will help your admissions team to view the most heavily-weighted applications at a glance, and quickly sort and filter applications based on their score. 


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Putting segments to work

For schools that need to manage a waitlist, it's important that their CRM offers them the ability to easily segment their applications. Segmentation means that rather than viewing applicants in a chronological order from earliest to latest, schools can instead filter leads by fields such as:

  • year of entry 
  • grade level of entry
  • whether they have a relation attending or working at the school
  • whether their parent was an alumnus
  • their enrollment stage.

Having a digital and dynamic overview of their segments, in addition to the ability to manipulate the segments allows schools to sort and prioritize their waiting applicants. Once filtered, certain segments can be exported or saved for future use. Segments will also update dynamically, ensuring that information is current and correct. This means that if new applications come in with fields matching saved filters, they will be automatically added to the relevant segments.


Keeping parents in the loop

The final piece of the waitlist puzzle is keeping parents informed while they are waiting. Customer relationship management software allows your school to send automated emails with personalized messages to parents at every stage of the enrollment pipeline. Schedule regular check-in emails to keep your school top of mind and give parents the opportunity to communicate with you while they wait. 


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